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With more of us living in our homes, independently, for longer there are areas we need to be mindful of, including our safety.

We’ve put together a selection of tips that should be useful when it comes to ensuring the living areas for your loved ones have fewer hazards.


  • Rugs or other floor coverings that are unsecured or in poor repair can be a trip hazard, look at replacing them or if that isn’t an option consider grips or tape that most good hardware stores can advise on.
  • Replace mats that don’t have adequate grips around bathrooms or in bathtubs and showers.
  • Extension cords while useful can pose a fire hazard where a socket becomes overloaded, they’re also another potential trip hazard so look at options in any room that’s in use.
  • Look at a comfortable, safe space in the home where essentials such as a phone with charger, TV remote, a walking stick or glasses can be kept within easy reach.
  • Review external areas such as a porch, side gate or driveway and keep it free of leaves in the winter months.
  • Bins can be moved to a place that makes for easy access for those collecting them, even if that means creating a covered in space in front of a house where space permits as opposed to dragging them through a house or through a side gate.
  • Look at lighting, is it adequate or do bulbs need to be replaced?
  • Exterior lighting should be reviewed also, a porch or garden light is an essential all year round but more so in the darker evenings.
  • Review the security around the home – where are keys kept? Is the alarm used?  Is the code for the alarm visible within the house?  Are there personal items such as passports or PIN numbers for a bank account more visible than they need to be?  Would a safe help?


Eila Connect is a product of Crothers Security, where, for over 40 years we’ve always been mindful of ensuring people are safe in their own home.

Eila Connect was developed as an extension of our core coffering in security and fire safety with a focus on the security of the individual, enabling them to live longer and more independently in their own home while offering their families peace of mind.

Talk to our team here at Eila Connect, discover if this is the right option for your loved ones.