We spoke to the team at Crothers earlier this year when they introduced Eila Connect, we'd been dealing with them for years and the timing was perfect.

My Dad is living alone and while he's very busy socially he's physically not as strong as he was. We looked at how the system would work for him and for us and after a bit of discussion amongst us and a trial period we've kept it.

Knowing we can check in to make sure he's up and about gives us peace of mind while none of us feel his day is being interrupted.

Super product that we've already recommended to other families too.

Jenny Smith

We've been using the Eila Connect system for over 6 months. It is a really good user-friendly system. My father lives alone so it allows him to retain his independence and gives us the comfort to know that he is safe & well.

Ian Conlon

Living so far away, it's a comfort to know that mom is being monitored and yet her privacy is not being invaded. And family members who are closer can respond right away. For me, it's being kept in the loop that is beneficial.

Olivia Fadda

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