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Frequently as we age our appetite and subsequently how we eat and what we consume change with it.  In many cases, though it’s not for the better, the tendency to comfort eat or enjoy a few treats doesn’t always decrease with age or insight.

It’s not our place to advise on what’s right for you, every one of us has different nutritional requirements and it’s always best to consult with an expert when it comes to your health.

We have however pulled together a list of resources that we think are worth a read, knowledge is power in every aspect of our lives.

Our recommended reads are;


Good Nutrition For The Older Person from the Irish Nutrition & Dietic Institute, read it at


What’s The Fuss With Fats? from the John West Tuna blog, read it


Healthy Eating For Older Adults from NI Direct, read it at


Healthy Eating For Older Adults from The Academy Of Nutrition & Dietics, read it at


Eat Your Way To Health And Vitality As You Get Older from the Irish Examiner, read it at


And to complete the list, this one is particularly good as it links to various other articles that are worth a read also – Older Adults from Safefood, read it at


If you come across a feature in this area that you believe our readers here at Eila Connect would enjoy, feel free to get in touch with us at as we’re always happy to add additional resources to our site.