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As we grow older and our social circle evolves with changes from work to retirement or, perhaps, as we go through different stages of change within our families or friendship groups, it can be easy to stay home a little more often than we used to – something the pandemic exacerbated for many.

However, it has been proven that where we can make the effort to be as sociable as possible, we’ll reap the long-term benefits.

Our top tips would include;


  • Looking locally at community organisations close to where you live, there’s a bumper list of resources on the Citizens Information site here in Ireland at
  • Make a regular appointment with a couple of friends, whether it’s a coffee at one of your homes, going out for lunch or a walk in the park, meeting people in person as opposed to connecting over a phone or internet really does make a difference.
  • Volunteer to help others – in a world where 65 may be the official retirement age still, many of us are very active long beyond this time and spending time helping others who are less fortunate is a great way of meeting others while doing a good turn at the same time.
  • Learn a new skill – you don’t have to study for a degree, but you can if you wish when you’ve got time on your side. You could also learn a new language, repeat that exam you never took many years ago, pass a driving test, take up yoga or, learn how to dance.  Your choices are endless and yes, you can do many of these through online classes but try for the social side of it, to focus on an in-person class.
  • Consider a gym – being active throughout life has benefits both mentally and physically for every one of us and many recognise that there’s a need for classes or dedicated swim sessions for seniors that are practical yet social too.
  • Travel – you don’t have to do a trip around the world, it might be a city break, an overdue stay with friends or simply taking in all of Ireland’s best beaches with the help of your well-earned travel pass but go see a few new places. If your friends or family aren’t so keen, many travel companies offer tours where you join a group or, you can travel independently – many people having tried this prefer doing things their way for future trips too.
  • Enjoy the company of younger family members, friends, or neighbours – there’s benefits for everybody in spending time with people in a different age group.


At Eila Connect we aim to ensure our customers remain Independent and Connected for longer, these tips will help you in both areas too.