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As we age, the desire to maintain independence and stay in our own homes grows stronger. However, the safety and well-being of older individuals living alone or in residential care complexes become significant concerns for both families and healthcare professionals. That’s where Eila Connect comes in, innovative assistive technology designed to empower older people to live independently for longer, without compromising their safety.

Offering a range of features it can assist in detecting falls, floods, and fires for those who are caring for them whether in a residential setting or from a distance.

Eila Connect provides invaluable peace of mind to residents, families, and caregivers alike.


Fall Detection:

Falls are a common and dangerous occurrence for older individuals, often leading to severe injuries and prolonged recovery periods. Eila Connect offers both non wearable fall detection in the form of a wall sensor Wall and a fall detection pendent that can also be used outdoors to allow the user raise an alert if they have a fall. Whether it’s a slip in the bathroom or a stumble in the garden, Eila Connect’s technology can automatically detect a fall built or the user can press an emergency button which opens up a two way conversation to assist and can pinpoint via GPS exactly where they may be.

The swift notification enables quick response times, ensuring that the necessary assistance reaches the individual in distress promptly. With Eila Connect, the fear of being alone during a fall diminishes, instilling confidence in older individuals and their loved ones to continue living independently.


Flood Detection:

Water damage can be catastrophic, causing significant property damage and particularly in the case of an older person, create a slip hazard.

Sensors are placed in a kitchen or bathroom that can detect lying water and send a warning via the monitoring station to both the home owner and their carer ensuring that appropriate measures can be taken promptly. Whether it’s a burst pipe or an overflowing sink, the early intervention provided by Eila Connect can help mitigate the damage and safeguard the well-being of older individuals in their homes.


Fire Detection:

Fire and smoke pose a severe threat to anyone, but for older individuals, the risks can be even more devastating. Eila Connect’s smoke detection feature offers an additional layer of protection against potential fire hazards.

Through the use of sensors, if smoke is detected when a grill is left on for example, Eila Connect alerts the monitoring station, carers and emergency services can be alerted immediately.


Embracing Independence and Safety with Eila Connect

Eila Connect’s dedication to empowering older individuals to live independently is evident through its comprehensive range of features. By combining fall detection, flood detection, and fire detection in assistive technology, Eila Connect provides a solution that enhances safety without compromising privacy.

Whether in a residential care complex, as a healthcare professional, or as a concerned family member, Eila Connect provides the peace of mind necessary to support older individuals in their desire to maintain independent living.

With Eila Connect, our older loved ones can live independently yet connected, knowing that they have an additional safeguard should it ever be needed.


If you’d like to learn more about how Eila Connect can work in a residential setting, or an independent home, get in touch with us at 01-4567947 or and learn more on our assistive technology at