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The Eila Connect System is a Communications unit, linked to a fall detector, emergency pendant and to multiple sensors around the home.

It is connected to a 24 /7 monitoring station, manned by professionals who will deal with any emergency alert.

If you have a fall, the fall detection pendant will detect this and send a signal to the unit, or if you feel unwell and press the emergency button,  the Eila system will connect you to our team of monitoring professionals who will talk to you via the two-way audio speaker and make sure you get the help you require, either from your care-giver, or the emergency services

Family members/ carers get ‘soft alerts’ such as the door is left open, or if you are showing no signs of activity when you normally would be.

The Family Members can also use the app / portal to check in on you and see that you are up and about, have gone out or just that you are moving about as normal

Eila Connect is not just a technological system, it is an approach to Technology Enabled Care which enhances the level of connectivity of Residents to their carers / family members without compromising privacy or independence

A cornerstone of our approach is to never fit a system without having carefully listened to what the resident wants, what their lifestyle is, what’s important to them.

The resulting refined alert levels inform the carer of the status of the resident without intruding on their privacy or providing them with unnecessary information.

The ‘Day Story’ which can be accessed on the App / Portal allows family members to check in without ringing and talking to the resident who may not want to take a call during their favourite episode of Morse or when they are entertaining visitors.

If you would like to find out more, please talk to our team to find out how we can work with your family too.