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At Eila Connect we’re helping older members of our community to live independently while at the same time affording their loved ones greater peace of mind.  In this week’s post we’re sharing the story of just one of those people who has benefited from Eila Connect.


Patrick is a 75 year old man living in North Dublin who, until recently has been in very good health. Recently however he took a fall and was not found until his carer called the following morning. This resulted in an Emergency Department presentation and a hospitlalisation.

Once the cause of Patrick’s fall was diagnosed and a course of treatment prescribed, the question of what happens next became critical.

His family contacted Eila Connect and we discussed Patrick’s situation and agreed that we should install an Eila System in advance of his discharge. This meant that Patrick could come home, rather than have to go into a Nursing Home.

We spoke with Patrick about the use of the Fall Detection Pendant and other features of the Eila System and met with a family member in his home to install the system which included a Smoke detector linked to the emergency hub. We set the Family members up with the App and Text alerts and made sure everyone was comfortable with how the system operated.

When Patrick arrived home, he settled in and got used to the extra care hours which, along with Eila Connect was deemed necessary to ensure Patrick could remain safe at home.

Some weeks later, unfortunately Patrick took another fall. This time however, the Eila System alerted the monitoring station who established that all was not well, and they called a family member. The family member found Patrick on the Bathroom floor.

Thankfully he was uninjured but unable to get up without assistance. The Eila Connect System prevented a situation where Patrick may have lain in the floor till the following morning with potentially harmful results, including hospitalization and possible long term stay.


If you’d like to learn more about how Eila Connect can support your family in a similar way to Patrick’s, get in touch with our team at 01-4567947 or