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Crothers Security Ltd was founded By Kevin Crothers in 1981 in Dublin.

From the very start, providing peace of mind was key to our company ethos. So was innovation, and Kevin was at the forefront in using innovative techniques to provide extra security to both home and businesses, developing several very successful patented security products.

From the outset of the company, Kevin always took extra special care of his older customers, understanding that older people can feel particularly vulnerable in their homes. He often spent more time drinking tea with them and reassuring them than actually installing the lock or whatever.

As time moved on, so did technology and Crothers was at the forefront of using this technology to provide a safe and secure environment.

Around 8 years ago, we began to discuss how the technology we were using could be adapted to help older people not just to be secure in their own home but also to support them in staying in their own home, particularly if they were living alone.

We carried out some market research in Ireland and found that the families of older people who live alone were very receptive to the idea of being able to monitor the wellbeing of their older parents or relatives, so we knew there was a demand.

We sourced equipment from a very reputable international manufacturing company who specialise in Technology Enabled Care Products.

But something wasn’t clicking for us. There was something that didn’t feel right to us about the approach we were taking.

Then life got in the way, as it often does and our Dad, Kevin got ill and ended up in hospital for an extended period and sadly died last March.

All of a sudden, Our Mother, Greta was living alone, and with COVID she was much more Isolated than she would have been otherwise. She was the ideal candidate for our new product. Myself and the Siblings, 3 of whom live abroad thought it was a great idea.

The thing is, our Mother is a fiercely independent woman. She is in her  80’s but still drives, cooks and cleans for herself has her own life and takes no nonsense.

We took another look at our approach and realised something; This should not about what the family wanted. It should be about the resident of her own home wanted.

There was no point in putting in technology which helps a person to maintain the independence of living alone, by insisting we install a system they didn’t want or didn’t understand.

So, we had a think about how the system would benefit her, rather than her family and how it could enhance her independence rather than impinge on it. That long, hard think, led us to develop Eila Connect.

Eila Connect is not just a clever tech system, it is an approach to Technology Enabled Care which enhances the level of connectivity of Residents to their carers / family members without compromising privacy or independence.

A cornerstone of our approach is to never fit a system without having carefully listened to what the resident wants, what their lifestyle is, what’s important to them.

The resulting refined alert levels inform the Family or Carer of the status of the resident without intruding on their privacy or giving out unnecessary information.

The ‘Day Story’ which can be accessed on the App / Portal allows family members to check in if they are concerned without ringing and talking to the resident who may not want to take a call during their favourite television programme, or when they are entertaining visitors.

Eila Connect allows you to live your life, your way, whilst staying connected to those who care for you.


We at Crothers Security Ltd are still providing peace of mind 40years later and we are passionate about using technology to help people live safer lives.

We all value our independence, no matter our age. This is why we at Crothers Security Ltd. developed Eila Connect. We want to help older people live safe, secure lives in their own homes.

“We want to help older people live safe,
secure lives in their own homes.”

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