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Fire Risk due to appliances left on

Smoke Detector

Eila Connect has smoke detectors available, so that in the event of a grille or cooker left on, generating smoke, the monitoring station will be notified and carers and if necessary emergency services will be contacted.

Flood Risk due to taps left running

Flood Detector

Eila Connect has flood detection sensors which can be placed in the bathroom or kitchen and will detect lying water. The monitoring station will be notified and will contact the resident and the carer so that appropriate action can be taken.

Wandering/Disorientation/Fall when out of home

Outdoor Fall Detection

It’s really important that as we get older, we are supported in our efforts to live as full a life as possible. This means getting out and about and visiting friends, going shopping, enjoying our neighbourhood. If memory loss, disorientation or illness occurs when you are out, it can be very distressing and may present risk.

Eila Connect’s pocket device has an emergency button which can be pressed if you feel unwell or disoriented this will open a two way communication with the monitoring station and send them a GPS location so that you can be located quickly. This will also activate in the event of a fall.

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